Game 2048

Game 2048 is a fun turn-based arithmetic puzzle. She will train your mathematical thinking and will help pass the free time, spending it with benefit. Not everyone can play the 2048 game, at least the most basic knowledge of mathematics, namely the addition operation, is needed for this. She does not tolerate hasty decisions, each move must be done carefully, with a good thought. After all, the only wrong move can negate even the most successful game.

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BubbleShooter The main task is to destroy all the balls. To achieve the goal, you can apply various strategies:
collapse – find already existing chains of 3 or more balls;
cause explosions by shooting at groups of balls of the same color – all the elements that are above these chains also fall off.
collect new chains of balls;
if several lines remain on the playing field, then you can iterate over the colors of the balls by firing them to the sides in order to quickly form a suitable combination.
The more balls destroyed in one shot, the more points are awarded.

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Tetris is a wonderful active game created by a Soviet programmer in the era of computerization of the country. Simple and understandable rules, good dynamics, the absence of any excesses and excesses, make Tetris a classic of short films. You do not need to spend hours sitting at a computer, tablet or phone, understanding complex scenarios, you do not need to pay money for some virtual game products, everything is much simpler here.

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