Game 2048

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Game 2048 is a fun turn-based arithmetic puzzle. She will train your mathematical thinking and will help pass the free time, spending it with benefit. Not everyone can play the  Game 2048 , at least the most basic knowledge of mathematics, namely the addition operation, is needed for this. She does not tolerate hasty decisions, each move must be done carefully, with a good thought. After all, the only wrong move can negate even the most successful game.

The goal of the game 2048 is to assemble a 4×4 tile with the number 2048 on the field. But this is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. With each move, on the playing field, in an unoccupied cell, a tile with the number 2 or 4 appears. By shifting two tiles with the same numbers to the side (left, right, down or up), you get one with a number equal to their sum. For example, when two tiles with the number 2 are shifted, one with the number 4 is formed, and so on. In no case can you move the tiles without any purpose, this will not lead you to victory, but only clog the playing field. And if it runs out of free cells, and you will not have the opportunity to add existing tiles, you lose. There are many tactics and strategies for passing the game, use them or come up with your own, do everything possible to win. Good luck

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