How to buy bitcoin without commission?

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How to buy bitcoin without commission? With the initial acquisition of bitcoins, almost all people have multiple questions about how to do this most profitably. With many methods of purchase, a fairly substantial commission is taken, which repels some potential buyers. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to make such a purchase on the most favorable conditions.

Bitcoin – wallet and bitcoin – address

First you need to install a bitcoin wallet on a computer or other device with Internet access. This action is quite simple to perform, you need to download a special program on the Internet and the wallet will be installed. After that, the wallet will be assigned a bitcoin address . It is with the help of this address that Bitcoins will be purchased. Bitcoins will be received by Bitcoins after making a purchase.

Search for a reliable seller

After the wallet and address are created, you can begin to search for the seller of bitcoins. It should be noted that bitcoins can be purchased using various methods. Bitcoins can be bought at specialized exchanges and in stores, or can be hand-held or at exchange points. Buying with hands or in exchangers is quite dangerous. The fact is that you can run into unreliable sellers who are quite capable of cheating. The buyer can be left without money, and without the bitcoins he bought. Therefore, it is better to purchase bitcoins only from trusted sellers on the exchange .

EXMO affiliate program

Best of all, to buy bitcoins, register on one of the special services that deal with the purchase and sale of bitcoins. Sale on most of these services is carried out without a commission, which can significantly save.

First you need to follow the registration procedure, the field of which opens up full-fledged opportunities for the sale and purchase of goods. It should be noted that all these procedures are absolutely free and no commission is taken for them. You can make a purchase using both a bank card and any kind of electronic money. This is one of the big advantages, because it is not uncommon for situations where using electronic money to pay is much more convenient.

On such sites, you can see reviews about sellers. Thanks to this service, you can find a seller who has earned a large credit of trust, and conclude a deal with him. In addition, on sites selling bitcoins, there are help and support services that compensate for the purchase if the seller turned out to be dishonest.

You can make a purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges . Buying on such services is a fairly convenient and reliable way. The main thing is to choose well-established exchanges. You need to carefully study reviews about exchanges, and not use dubious resources.

Using other methods to buy bitcoins is undesirable. The point is not even in the large commissions that sellers can take, but in the fact that there is a high probability of fraud. In order to profitably invest in cryptocurrency , you need to be as careful and accurate as possible in the operations you make.

How to buy bitcoin without commission?
How to buy bitcoin without commission?